Parallel Risk Information System Management was developed for monitoring the risk in the futures market. PRISM calculates the VaR of portfolios with Index futures and options in real-time and triggers disablement of brokerage firms. It has been tested at speeds of 500 VaR calculations per second using a network of commodity CPUs. It is in production for derivatives trading at one of the leading Stock Exchanges in India

Program Trading    
Infofin has developed a program trading solution which allows users to define trading strategies and execute them. The system monitors various exchanges and triggers off orders on one or more market segments simultaneously on detecting the opportunities.
Bond Index    

A software system which calculates bond index using daily values of the zero coupon yield curve. It is presently used to calculate the bond index for the Government of India Bonds.


A web-based Management Information System developed for CompuSystems Inc (CSI) which enables all CSI offices across the globe to be interconnected and access the information real-time. CSIMIS is aimed at re-engineering and automating CSI's business processes.


A web-based information management system developed for a large press fleet management company which allows user wise access to information on vehicles used in the fleet, the schedules of the journalists evaluating them and billing and other information used in the day to day operations of the company.


A web-based contact management software developed for a investment brokerage firm. The system enables the firm to store and share the data in a centralised database, accessed by three geographically separated office branches.


A web-based Management Information System developed for use at Infotech Financials. The software captures the information from the timesheets of employees and links these with expenses incurred on projects, allowing for a detailed and accurate set of reports. It links the salary, accounts and projects data for a software firm.


A web enabled virtual office with features like chat, mail, discussion groups and helpdesk to allow sharing of information between global offices of a smart cards consortion. It is a common ground for manufacturers and distributors of smard cards to communicate.