Web-enabling & Intetgration


The challenge

The client runs a human resources Click to Enlargemanagement firm as its core business. The requirement was primarily focused towards interconnecting its branches set in three different countries, to facilitate ease in operations and sharing of information. An additional requirement was that candidates who wished to apply for jobs online, should be able to post their information online. The status of their recruitment at various stages of review and evaluation was to also be displayed using this system.


The solution

For this application, Infofin designed a client server architecture model. The client was written in JSP and used servlets to communicate with the Sybase RDBMS . The benefits of using the CSIMIS system were that CSI was able to manage their branches and recruitments better owing to efficient information sharing.  Invoice generation and resource tracking was made simpler using this solution.


  • Centralised sharing of information.
  • Candidates can post/view/modify their resumes online.
  • Online status of evaluation of candidates available.
  • Reports of number of employees available for placements available.
  • Advanced search for the right resources to fit the right job made possible.
  • Timesheets of employees captured online.
  • Contracts between clients and CSI available online.
  • Automated generation of invoices with customisable billing cycles based on timesheet and contract information.



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