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Solutions for the Capital Market intermediaries

  • Electronic trading
  • Electronic trading and order platforms give the power to expand your business to any customer, at any time, anywhere in the world.

    Our customized securities trading platforms are end-to-end solutions that include order entry, order validation, order matching, order routing, order execution and order management. It also includes a comprehensive set of services including real-time market data integration, exchange connectivity, security, encryption, authentication, administration and real-time status updates. All these services are integrated to provide a real-time view of your entire operation.

    Our Multi-exchange Trading System (METS) is part of a larger effort at Infotech Financials to fully integrate the front, middle and back office trading systems, enabling better handling of multiple exchanges and complete integration with the firm's overall Profit & Loss (P&L) system.

    The features that can be built into the system are :

    • Automation and support for trade capture
    • Validation of business rules and verification
    • Order and trade confirmations
    • Settlement reporting, settlement completion
    • Reporting - stock record, profit and loss, and accounting.
    • One may have real-time P&L, portfolio and account-based P&L calculators
    • Allocation systems, settlement systems,
    • Risk management, and
    • Multiple vertical market front ends.

    The applications may be designed for trading in: Equities, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange, Money Market instruments, and Derivatives.

  • Enterprise Integration

  •   The core issue of real-time information access and distribution is addressed by integrating all the software systems in an organisation. We offer services to design and build a complete, end-to-end Internet and enterprise infrastructure that successfully scales to the most demanding business information requirements.

    Our solutions for real-time e-business integration is a platform that encompasses data integration and transformation, business process coordination, messaging, enterprise portals and alerting, adapters for legacy, packaged and third-party applications, plus enterprise monitoring and management.

    Benefits of enterprise wide integration

    1. Enables rapid resolution of key business problems through integration and automation.
    2. Unlocks value from existing systems through real-time information exchange and automation of business processes.
    3. Increases efficiency of organisations by automating routine tasks and enabling management by exception.
    4. Eliminates delays and errors caused by the manual steps that are required when systems can not communicate.
    5. Provides better visibility into businesses operations through a web interface for monitoring systems and processes.

  • Data feeds

  • Data from all the major data vendors are published by the feed handlers for disseminating market information. We build data feed handlers that support multiple news and information sources realtime and make sure users get precisely the market data they need.

  • Displaying market data
  • We build graphical front-end software which provides a centralised, integrated and easily customizable display of personalised information. The system disseminates market information across the enterprise. Using an event-driven infrastructure, critical information is delivered directly to the desktops of the users.



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