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An Internet based depository system which allows users to view their current holdings and transactions. The system can also be configured to mail these reports to the user at various intervals.

  1. Updated holdings statements, meaningfully designed with real time market value which clients can print at will. Clients can configure whether they wish to view detailed or summarised reports.

  2. Updated transaction reports with selective date ranges.

  3. Client configurable e-mail facility. The customer can choose whether he wants the holding and/or transaction reports mailed to him on an hourly, daily or monthly basis.

  4. Family accounts can also be created where a consolidated family statement can be viewed. If the client has accounts with other DP participants who also use the E-Depository system, these accounts can be linked and viewed in one family account statement.

  5. Privacy and confidentiality of the client's data is ensured using client passwords and SSL.


E-Depository runs on a Unix computer with an SQL database. For most purposes, a PC running Linux is more than enough. By default it uses the MySQL RDBMS, but it can be readily connected to any alternative RDBMS. The user interface of E-Depository is a web browser running anywhere on the network.


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