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Solutions for Fund Management

  • Front Office Trade Execution:
  • The advent of ECNs, consolidation and sophistication of exchange trading systems, and ubiquity of information is forcing investment managers to focus on enabling better trade execution to out-perform the market.

    Our customized solutions ensure that money managers get the best possible prices by tapping the largest pools of liquidity, lowering brokerage costs by shopping around for rates and at the same time protecting their investment strategies from being disclosed to competition.

    These order management solutions are focused on improving the entire trading process leading to a reduction in the total transaction cost.  

  • Portfolio Management and Analysis

    • Order Creation and Routing

         These systems would provide portfolio managers the ability to electronically create orders within the trade blotter and route them to the buy side trader. The order management system enables the buy side trader to consolidate individual orders received for each account, then route them either to broker/dealers or directly to execution venues.
    • Intra-day Order Management

        Our order management systems help manage orders during the day, calculate portfolio values, and perform cash calculations periodically. Traders can view the order blotter to track the status of open, filled, and partially filled trades. Orders can be split, merged, and blocked based on different criteria, and average prices can be calculated over multiple fills. Portfolio managers can run ``what if'' scenarios on certain investment decisions.

    • Portfolio Modelling, Analytics, and Benchmarking

        We can build solutions for Portfolio managers to re-balance portfolios against theoretical or active portfolios using industry guidelines to generate necessary buy and sell orders. This involves adjusting portfolio holdings, for example buying more of technology and reducing exposure to consumer durables, to match a model portfolio.
    • Compliance and Reporting

         Compliance ensures that the firm's portfolio holdings comply with the governing rules for the portfolio or with particular customer requirements. Compliance is performed both at the pre-trade and post-trade stages of the process.
  • Enterprise-Wide Internal Straight Through Processing

       In view of the move towards T+1 (effectively T+0), Straight-Through-Processing (STP) will be one of the most critical issues to handle. The beginning for most money management firms will be implementing STP internally.

       The benefits of STP would be felt in the medium to long-term because STP-enabled systems are scalable and can respond to volume volatility. In times of market downturns, systems can be scaled back at minimal cost and efforts. System-level integration with custodians can enable firms to more easily out-source non-core back-office functions and utilities to services providers.

       Our solutions aim to automate manual front-office pre-trade and post trade processes, batch processing by legacy systems, database fragmentation and non-standard processes at money management firms.
  • Client Relationship and Content Management

       Client retention is the biggest concern for most investment managers. Clients are demanding more information on real-time basis. For the benefit of clients, investment firms would have to set up web sites with investor relevant content and transactional capabilities.

       We have the right knowledge to develop such sites providing account-related information and with "buy, sell and swap" capabilities to investors via connectivity to shareholder accounting systems or transfer agencies. In addition to static content management, dynamic content management capabilities can be built for high net-worth and institutional clients.



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