Technical Skills

Before making any choice on which technology to use, we study the requirements of each application in detail. While doing this, our focus lies in ensuring platform independence and open standards which allows scalability and flexibility in the resultant solution.

With our varied experience in building applications that required real-time processing to web related solutions, we have acquired the following skills.

  • Unix, RDBMS, Webserving
  • Networking using TCP/IP, low level socket programming in C
  • Web applications using JSP, Servlets and CGI/Perl
  • Computer Security: SSL and firewalls
J2EE technologies JNDI, JMS, RMI, JDBC and EJB
XML Designing DTDs, parsing and manipulating XML objects
Real-time transaction processing
  • Parallel Computing using MPI
  • Interacting with real time data feeds
Wireless Application ProtocolApplications for Palm pilots and mobile phones
Open sourceLinux, Apache, Perl, Sendmail, MPICH, MySQL