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Solutions for Risk Management

With the evolving financial markets, there is a need for sophisticated solutions to accurately measure risk, primarily due to the global markets becoming more interlinked and the increasingly stringent compliance parameters set by regulatory bodies.

At Infotech Financials, we aim to provide solutions and services to allow market participants to effectively measure and mitigate their financial risks by exploiting IT and instead, focus on maximising their returns. This is attained by assisting them in assessing, quantifying and monitoring their diverse financial portfolios by providing decision support systems and realtime risk monitoring solutions.

Infofin solutions

We provide a unique combination of extensive industry experience and the state-of-the-art analytical skills and tools needed to provide risk analysis and valuation advice on the most complex problems.

Our solutions, focused predominantly on the securities brokerage segment, offer the following benefits to the end user:

  • Decision support for defining and quantifying risk
  • Realtime monitoring of risk
  • Transparency and accuracy in reporting
  • Providing realtime solutions to mitigate risk
  • Open standards
  • Low-risk high-return portfolio management
  • Analytical tools to study various effects on the portfolio before actual investments
  • Customized strategies
  • Closer customer relationship management
  • Platform independant, highly scalable and secure



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